RARITY handbags

Rarity Handbags was started as a dream to create beautiful and unique products. With a deep love of Africa, and for its dynamic and vibrant people, Rarity has found its ongoing motivation. Rarity translates intellectual combinations of exotic materials and repurposed leather hides into beautiful aspirations that are skillfully finished into our signature pieces. Crafted by nature these natural materials inspire a simplicity of design that exemplifies the raw materials.

The contemporary ethnic leaning of our collections illustrate the diversity and distinctiveness of our ethnicity by combining materials, colors and textures into practical adornments. Rarity’s Artisans further add to the exclusiveness of our designs by completing our products with leather interiors. Investment in Skill, Commitment to sustainable supply and mindfulness of production impact are the foundations of Rarity’s ongoing evolution and success. Our vision is our reality, an award winning company with a happy and productive environment that is continually growing, inspiring and celebrating. 




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