"The best or nothing" - The metropolises are inspired by the noble fur creations of master furrier Thomas Albrecht since 1978. Congeniality compared with the interior design classics of Charles Eames or the contemporary vitra. collections emerge in a very exclusive style individual and avant-garde. That soon became an international pull from London to Paris and from Tokyo to New York.


Of all of the master furriers Thomas Albrecht is called the architect. Fascinated by the challenge to develop an old iconic craft, the visionary and his creative team renounce any technical aids. To refine traditional art craft they add finesse to an innovative production process instead made in Germany.


By the change of the decades the artistic action radius extended to a wide variety of artwork and expanded: From popular fur fashion to awarded interior design, from luxury fur carpets to home accessories - as the fancy bottle cover ofThomas Albrecht. Modern art made in Germany. Often copied, never achieved.




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